About Me

I am a 3D Animator. I'm currently studying a MA in Animation at the University of South Wales. Previously, I graduated from the University of South Wales with a Upper Second Class Honers studying a BA (Hons) in Computer Animation. My main speciality is animation towards games and film, this ranges from character performance to body mechanics and creature animation.

I'm determined towards a career in the game or film industry. I feel that I can create believable and emotional moments through animation in order to immerse the person in the overall experience. I enjoy studying the character animations, gameplay mechanics, cut-scenes and film shots. Video Games and Films always act as inspiration for my own creative intuition and appreciation.

My curriculum vitae can be found by clicking here.

Professional Experience

QA Tester
August 2016 - Febaury 2017

QA Testing
LEGO Dimensions Waves 6-10

QA Testing
LEGO Worlds


Masters in Animation
2017 - Current

BA (Hons) Computer Animation
Upper Second Class Honours
2013 - 2016

Extended Diploma in Computers & Design
DMM - BTEC Level 3
2011 - 2013

Software Knowledge


Hand Keyed Animation
Motion Capture Clean Up
HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Body Mechanics Animation
Character Performance
Creature Animation

Motion Capture & Clean Up
Music Composition
Digital Drawing


Under Development

This animation project is currently undergoing development. Check back here sometime soon.

Animation Showreel 2016

Third Year Showreel showcasing game animation created from a video game project.

Doctor Who Vortex

Doctor Who Vortex (Fan Made) Created using Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and Trapcode Particular.

Particle Effects 2016

Particle Effects composited in After Effects, created in Maya & 3ds Max using; FumeFx and Krakatoa.

Animation Showreel 2015

Second Year Animation Showreel showcasing body mechanical animation work.

One Day - Performance

Second year performance animation based of a ten second randomly  selected audio clip.

Gun Run Cycle

A first year run cycle animation that was created with the Morpheus Rig holding a weapon.

Painting with Film

Created in Premiere Pro using Photoshop tells a story through music and the moving image.